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Rules and Regulations

To participate as a stall holder at the Macedonian Cultural Festival click on the Form link below to download application and send back completed for processing via Email

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Rules and regulations:

The right to be part of the festival will be decreed by the Committee

The participating groups will be officially registered for the festival by the Committee and will receive an official participating License signed by the Committee.

Each registered group should appoint one person from their organization to be the contact person for all matters associated with the festival.

Each group must designate at least two volunteers to help with their respective stall.

Each group must start setting up at 8:00 am with set up complete by 9:30 am. Vehicles will be permitted for material and goods drop off and must exit immediately after delivery.

All vehicles must exit the Reserve by 9:00 am.

Each group must start packing up at 4:30 pm (or earlier) and complete packing up by 6:00 pm.

Vehicles must not enter the Reserve without prior approval from the Committee Manager on duty.

Each group must respect members of the organizing Committee.

Every group holding a food stall must obtain a license (street trade license) by the department of food & safety from municipality of Hobsons Bay City Council.

The Food Permit must be prominently displayed in a plastic sleeve at all times

Only food and items previously approved by the Committee shall be sold.

The group shall report to the Manager on duty on arrival and departure.

The group must clean up their area at the end of the day and place rubbish in designated areas

Any additional raffles or fundraising activity is not permitted unless prior written approval has been given by the Committee

Operating Procedures

For Health and Safety reasons, no person under the age of 15 are permitted to operate any equipment. It is recommended that between 3 and 5 people work in each stall.

All persons handling food must wear handling gloves

All food products either raw or cooked should not be handled with bare hands. Separate equipment shall be used for cooked and raw products

Cold food must be kept below 5 degrees C and hot food must be kept above 60 degrees C

Tables and preparation areas must be kept clean and sanitized at all times and regularly wiped down

Raw products should only be removed from the packaging when cooking and only in the amounts required at that time

Money must be handled by people not cooking the food product

On the day each group will be provided with a 3m x 3m marquee and two 1.6m long tables

Stall holders must provide their own portable generator if they require power

Stall holder application form